Welcome to MRS Finland

Monitor Roadshow is a place where the leading developers and manufacturers of professional equipment and services from the broadcast and AV industry meet. Here they present their latest news and products as well as inviting you to exciting and educative seminars held by some of the brightest people in the broadcast industry.

Monitor Roadshow Finland will be covering the following cities in 2019


  • Areena Oulu, Uleåborg 4/9

    Price: 1 620 Euro (1 800 Euro)

    Deal ends on the 31/1 2019

Price & Information

4 000 Euro (four cities)

An invoice with a registration fee of 500 Euro will be sent within 30 days of booking a stand. This fee is included in the total price. The remainder of the total cost needs to be payed within two months of booking. All prices are excl. VAT.

Opening hours are between 10 am and 4:30 pm.
Exhibitors will start moving in at 8 am and move out at 4:30 pm.
Seminars will be held every day between 11:25 am to 4 pm.

Your Area (Some information might be subject to change)

Each stand will include two tables (these measurements may vary slightly). The total area of each stand is approximately 12 m2. Exhibitors are obliged to bring their own black tablecloth that covers the whole table and down to the floor.
Electricity is included (8A). If you need more electricity you can tell us at a later date.

Transportation of equipment from Jyväskylä Fair to the exhibitors stand in all cities is included. Transportation for the exhibitors by buss, between the cities Jyväskylä, Tähti, Helsinki and Turku (Åbo), is included.

Target groups invited to MRS Finland

26 000 people from these different target groups will be invited to MRS Finland.

CULTURE: Arenas, venues, museums, theatres, cinemas, house of worship, municipalities.
CONFERENCE: conference facilities, conference centres, hotels.
RADIO/VIDEO/TV/FILM/PHOTO: broadcasters, streaming, production companies, digital content creators, content producers, videographers.
LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Rental, acoustics, event and festival organizers, sound technicians, music producers, electricians, architects.
EDUCATION: Music, film, broadcast and photography educations, both distance and on-campus.
RETAIL: Shopping centres, chains.

For more information about pricing and booking please contact:

Björn Hansen at bjorn(at)hansenforlag.se


Or call +46-317756540

Interested in becoming an exhibitor in Sweden and Denmark?

We have an exclusive deal on the following shows that ends on the 31/1 2019: Southern Sweden, Denmark and the One-day-events. See price below.

Monitor Roadshow will ALSO be covering the following cities in 2019

Northern Sweden

Southern Sweden



  • Conventum, Örebro 11/4 (Exhibitors must attend all four cities)

    Price: 16 000 SEK/City (18 000 SEK)

Visit www.monitorroadshow.se for more information