Welcome to monitor roadshow finland!

Join us on our next tour through Finland in jyväskylä, tammerfors, åbo and helsinki in may between 6–9.


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A new and modern meeting point for the AV and media industry

Monitor Roadshow is arranged by Hansen Förlag AB. The company CEO Björn Hansen has arranged successful trade and consumer shows since 1980, both in the music and AV industry. The Monitor Roadshow concept made its first tour 2016 in southern Sweden and has since expanded to northern Sweden and Norway.

In the fall of 2018 Monitor Roadshow will make its first tour in Finland with stops in Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku and Helsinki. Hansen Förlag also publishes the broadcast and AV trade magazine Monitor and Scandinavia’s largest music tech magazine Musikermagasinet.





LocationS & Dates 2019

Jyväskylä Fair, Jyväskylä 6/5
Pakkahuone, Tammerfors 7/5 
Logomo, Åbo 8/5
Wanhasatama, Helsingfors 9/5